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I am an environmental designer originally from Colorado, with a strong focus in branded, entertainment and experiential design. For several years, I have had the opportunity to be involved with a diverse array of creative projects spanning several disciplines. I am very passionate about design and it is evident in both my work and the way I communicate my solutions. You can use this website to learn a little bit about me and peruse an extensive collection of design samples. So… go on, have a look around.


It’s Been a Journey

After receiving my humble Industrial Design degree from the Colorado Institute of Art in the summer of 1993 I had only one goal, to become the best designer possible. With that endeavor in mind, I quickly found a position that would ultimately start my journey towards obtaining the knowledge and learning the skills I needed to achieve my goal. And that’s what it is all about for me… Learning!

The journey I began over 25 years ago has been as exciting and challenging as I had hoped when I set out, and I do not yet see an end on the horizon. My career path has taken me to cities across the country and allowed me to experience a variety of cultures, creative disciplines and philosophies that only a few are allowed to experience. My career has seen successful years and the… well… not so successful years. Nevertheless, I am very grateful that I have had the opportunity the work in a field that I am truly passionate about as I look toward future successes and challenges.

2015 - 2020


Creative Director

Sector 5
Arlington, TX

2010 - 2015


Principal Designer

Kevin Alter, LLC
Denver, CO

2009 - 2010


Creative Director

Park Place Studio
Colorado Springs, CO

2008 - 2009


Senior Project Designer

George P. Johnson
Auburn Hills, MI

2003 - 2008


Design Director

Mice North America
Copell, TX

2002 - 2003


Freelance Designer

Kevin Alter
Denver, CO

2000 - 2003


Creative Director

Pro Graphics and Exhibits
Denver, CO

1998 - 2000


Senior System Designer

Exhibit Group Giltspur
Phoenix, AZ

1997 - 1998


Contract Designer

Inter-Global Exhibitions
Centennial, CO

1995 - 1997



Condit Exhibits
Denver, CO

1993 - 1995



CBS Exhibits
Denver, CO

Principal Tools

Before the time of the PC, my toolset consisted of Foamcore, Chartpak markers, pastels, pens and drafting pencils to express my solutions. That’s right, I actually know how to do things such as develop a concept on bumwad, illustrate a presentation on Canson paper or run a blueline from vellum.

However, as much as enjoyed those days, the world has moved on and the advancement of computer aided design tools has forever changed how I solve design equations. So, aside from my Pentel R.S.V.P. fine point pen and trusty pad of grid paper, I employ the tools below to deliver state of the art solutions for my clients.


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